Credit ESO

Arriving in Santiago, from your home land, you can get to know the capital´s astronomical sites,  such the National Astronomical Observatory and the only Planetarium in the country.

From this metropolis, you could fly to La Serena area and visit important international observatories as La Silla, Tololo, Gemini and Las Campanas, which will host the GMT, a 25-meter giant telescope, today under construction. And, of course, do not miss the stargazing at Elqui Valley. A “must do” according to N.Y. Time.

Next, at the Chilean altiplano, the amazing San Pedro de Atacama between volcanos, virgin water lakes, and the Moon Valley. All together with visiting the biggest radio telescope in the world, ALMA.

From this typical town, driving to the west, you´ll arrive at Antofagasta, with its famous La Portada, the door to the world dryest dessert, which hosts one of the most advanced telescopes on earth: the Very Large Telescope, VLT, at the Paranal mountain top. In front of it, in the Armazones mountain, you will able to enjoy the view of the next biggest eye on the surface of the planet, the European Extremely Large Telescope, E-ELT, of 39.3 meters.

Then, back to Santiago, before flying to your home land, do not forget to enjoy one of the most exquisite Chilean wine in one of the near by viñar.
Salud to the stars!